Policies and Notices


This policy on career advising is reviewed at least once every two years and made available to students, parents, guardians and custodians, local post-secondary institutions and district residents.

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Child Find

Steel Academy, an Ohio Community School, sponsored by Charter School Specialists is participating in the effort to identify, locate, and evaluate all children from birth through 21 year of age who may have disabilities. If you have or know a child who may have a disability, contact the school for more information and help.

Hearing and Vision Screening

The purpose of vision and hearing screening is to aid in the detection of school-age children who have or are at risk for developing vision/hearing disorders.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) sets the requirements for the grades that are routinely screened each year.

Steel Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. In addition, the School District provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups.

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The School recognizes that the involvement of parents (hereinafter including guardians/caretakers/foster caregivers) and families in their children’s education is critical to students’ success. In order to accomplish the goal of welcoming, encouraging, and promoting parental/family involvement a policy regarding parent involvement has been established.

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Steel Academy recognizes that openness leads to a better-informed citizenry, which leads to better government and better public policy. It is the mission and intent of the School, as a public office, to at all times fully comply with and abide by both the spirit and the letter of Ohio’s Public Records Act.

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Wellness Policy

Research suggests that there is a positive correlation between a student’s health and the ability to learn. The school shall promote and support student health and wellness and create a positive, safe, and health-promoting learning environment to help all students achieve personal, academic, developmental and social success.

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