CBI Curriculum


All CBI instruction is aligned to the CBI Technical Content Standards and The seven key principles used as a guide for CBI programs and instruction are:

Higher Expectations - Partnering with administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and community to support a belief system that all learners will achieve academic success, establish a career pathway and become contributing members of society.

Common Curriculum - Engaging learners in the common curriculum of the school that provides opportunities for graduation and links with school district and state curriculum and performance expectations.

Authentic Learning - Providing appropriate and effective instruction by meeting student needs through active learner engagement and relating subject matter to life and work.

Supportive Structures - Achieving optimum conditions for learning through a student-teacher ratio that promotes effective interaction and instruction, physical location to develop psychological and social identity and instructional resources and technology to meet individual learner needs.

Sense of Belonging - Providing activities and a classroom/community environment that lead to increased positive social interaction, citizenship practices and leadership development.

Continuous Improvement - Monitoring and improving classroom achievement by using student assessment and program data in relation to the district's continuous improvement plan.

Student Identification - In partnership with administrators, counselors, teachers and parents, selecting students who have barriers to career and academic success

Ohio CBI Content Standards